21st Century Literature from the Philippines and the World Weekly Home Learning Plan Quarter 3, Week 4

Hello, learners. Read this post about what you need to do in the fourth week studying this subject. 


Compare and contrast the various 21st century literary genres and the ones from the earlier genres/periods citing their elements, structures and traditions.

Learning material: 21st Century Literature from the Philippines and the World Quarter 1 – Module 2: Conventional and 21st Century Genres

Learning Tasks:

Turn your learning module to page 1 and read the objectives you need to attain. Then, answer What I Know test from page 1 to 3.

Read Lesson 1- 21st Century Literary Genres from page 4 to 8. Recall the major literary genres. After that, study the types of 21st Century literature genres.

Do Activity 2 on page 10. Fill out the Venn Diagram comparing and contrasting text- talk novel, blog, and hyper poetry.

Then, do Activity 3. Using the graphic organizer, write the similarities and differences of doodle fiction, manga, and graphic organizer. 


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