How to Register and Activate DepEd NEAP Communications Package SIM

Last Thursday, I attended the Ceremonial Mass Orientation of Teachers on NEAP Communications Package. I was one of the recipients of the communications package in our school. Our School Property Custodian instructed us to register the SIM Card and watched the virtual orientation. The attendees were taught on what is the package all about and how to avail it. 

In this blog post, I am going to share the process I underwent in order for me to activate the card. I would like to give you information first about this initiative. The Department of Education (DepEd) wants to have a separate SIM Card for teachers attending training programs facilitated by the National Educators' Academy of the Philippines (NEAP). DepEd and NEAP came up with this communication package that will aid the teachers in attending professional development programs and courses. You can watch the orientation for more details about the creation of the program. 

After receiving my SIM card, here are the steps I did. 

1. Register the SIM card by visiting It is important to do this step as it is the way of NEAP to track, monitor, and analyze the participation of teachers in professional development programs. Select the region and schools division you belong. It will prompt you to the Google Forms link. 

2. To answer the form, make sure you are using your DepEd Google Account. Read the information and terms about the registration process. Click Yes to proceed. 

3. You will be asked if you accessed the form from Click Yes. 

4. Provide your personal details:

Last Name

First Name

Middle Name

Date of Birth


Schools Division

School ID

Position Title

Year of appointment

5. Encode the DepEd NEAP- provided SIM card number. Click Submit.

6. After the submission, activate the SIM by texting ?1515 to 214. 

7. To monitor your usage of the data. Download GigaLife app on PlayStore. In my case, I download it from the Huawei App Gallery. 

8. You need to Sign Up. Encode a password. 

The app will show the load offers you can avail in the communication package. 

The DepEd NEAP 379 SIM Card has the following:

-Unlimited AllNet Calls and Texts

-6 GB Open Data Wallet

-1 GB Daily Wallet (Daily Replenishment for 30 Days

Data and load allowance is not shareable. NEAP will release guidelines on/top/ reload mechanics. 

If you have queries, send an email to

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