Speech Writing Lesson 2 : Speech Writing Process

In the previous lesson, you learned about the definitions of speech. This time, you will identify the steps involved in speech writing process.

All of us have people we look up to. We follow them because they are outstanding athletes, talented artists, excellent communicators, famous chefs, or proficient writers. We want to be like them or they inspire us to pursue our dreams. We wish that we could reach what they have reached. We are amazed on their achievements. We have our mindset that they are able to be in their status because they are born great. Little did we know that these people started from zero or what they only have. They work hard for their goals. They studied, they practiced, they tried. It took them months or even years to hone their craft.
Competent speakers have their heartbreaks before they become pro. They observe, read, write, and deliver. Speech writing has become part of their routine for them to be good. Maybe you consider this activity as daunting. Do not worry. There is a path for you to master it.
Just like other writing tasks such as essay and story writing, speech writing has a process. You need to know the steps in order for you to produce a high quality output. Following these steps can help you save time, organize your thoughts, and deliver your message effectively.
Take a look on the cycle in the graphics below. The visual aid will guide you on what to do first up to the very end.

What can you say about the speech writing process? Is it simple? What steps are you familiar with? In the next lesson, we will have in-depth learning on the steps.
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