Types of Speech Style | Oral Communication in Context

When we talk about speech style, it is your way of talking to other people considering formality and informality.

There are five types of speech style: intimate, casual, consultative, formal, and frozen.

Intimate style is used when we talk to people who are dearest to us. This style is used for very close relationship.

Example dialogue: I love you, Dad and Mom.

Casual conversation is used when we talk to our friends or in situation wherein informal language is used like in market.

Example: Good luck in your contest, Bestie.

You use casual conversation when you socialize. When you are using social media, you use Internet slang such as LOL.

Next, we have consultative communication. It is the standard communication. You converse in semi- formal way. You use it when interacting to professionals such as doctor and teacher.

Example: Doc, I want to consult about my lungs.

Formal style is used when attending formal meetings, occasions, and activities that are formal or solemn.

Example: I would like to congratulate the newly- married couple as they celebrate their love today.

Last type of speech style is frozen. This is the most formal type of speech style. It takes concentration, courtesy, and reverence when engaging in this style.

Example of this is when you recite a prayer.

Remember that you need to learn these styles in order for you to be effective communicator. By knowing when to be formal and informal, you will be understood and appreciated by people you are talking to.


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