Oral Communication in Context Quarter 2 Week 2 Weekly Home Learning Plan

For this week, we will start studying the topic Understanding Speech Context, Speech Style, Speech Act and Communicative Strategy. Here is the Most Essential Learning Competency to be studied: 

Explains that a shift in speech context, speech style, speech act and

communicative strategy affects the following: 

  • Language form
  • Duration of interaction
  • Relationship of speaker
  • Role and responsibilities of the speaker
  • Message
  • Delivery

The lesson will be studied for two weeks. Therefore, you will use the SLM for the same period. Some activities will be done for Week 2 and the remaining activities will be for Week 3.

Proceed to Page 1 of your SLM. Read the What I Need to Know portion for the concepts you need to learn for this week.

Turn your SLM to Page 2 and answer What I Know portion which is printed up to Page 4. Read each item and choose the letter of the most appropriate answer.

Read the introductory paragraph of the lesson entitled Understanding Speech Context, Speech Style, Speech Act, and Communicative Strategy on Page 5.

For the role play activity under What’s In, you do not need to submit the output. You can do the activity orally or in written form. By doing it, you will understand the discussion under What is It portion.

Go to What is It on Page 8. Read information about Factors affected by a shift in Speech Context, Speech Style, Speech Act, and Communicative Strategy.

Read the contents about Communicative Competence from Page 11 to Page 14. It will augment information about what you already know on speech context, speech style, speech act, and communicative strategy.

Do only Activities A. Speech Context and B. Speech Style under What’s More portion from Page 15 to 16. For Activity A here are the directions:

1. Crop pictures from newspapers or magazines or take pictures online showing the following types of communicative context: (a) Intrapersonal; (b) Interpersonal; (c) Public.

2. Paste it on a clean sheet of paper or on a word page (if pictures were taken online).

3. Write at least five sentences dialogue or speech script for each picture to show the differences among the three.

Use the rubric for better making of output.

For Activity B. Speech Style, you need to unscramble the words to form statements that exemplify each of the given speech styles. This is the only task to be done under Activity B. 

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