Let a Million Flowers Bloom Project School Activities

As part of back to school activity of the Department of Education, schools along highways are encouraged to join the launching of Let a Million Flowers Bloom project. In the issued OUA Memo 00-0521-0171, this program is under the Office of the Undersecretary of Administration through the Bureau of Learner Support Services- Youth Formation Division (BLSS- YFD). The said undertaking seeks to uplift the spirit of learners, parents, and teachers. It is also serves as a way to show appreciation to the teachers who did a lot of work in the distance learning. 

The Youth for Environment in School- Organization (YES-O) teacher- advisers and/ or the School Inside a Garden (SIGA) coordinators are tasked to lead the school in participation in the program. The said memorandum contains the activities participants shall do. 

Below are the following suggested activities for the Let a Million Flowers Bloom Project found in OUA Memo 00-0521-0171. 

  1. Designate a minimum of 10 square meters land area in front and/or by the side of the school and must be visible to the public. If the school has no available land area, the school can use alternative recycled materials like plastic bottles and sacks for planting the flowers. 
  2. Plant sunflowers or any flowering plants available within the area of the school. Philippine native plants are recommended, such as kamuning, katmon, gumamela, etc. 
  3. The school shall plant the saplings 1-2 months or earlier in time for the flowers to bloom on the opening of classes. 
  4. The school may seek partnership from their respective Local Government Units (LGUs), private sector, and even the parents/ guardians of their learners for the said activity. 
  5. The expenses to be incurred shall be charged against the local funds/ school MOOE in accordance with existing accounting and auditing rules and regulations. 
  6. The activity shall be performed in accordance with the local health protocols set in place in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic. 
  7. The YES- O teacher- adviser or SIGA coordinator are requested to document the whole duration of the project and post these on their official school Facebook page or group using the hashtags #DepEdProjectMillionFlowers and #depedkabataan2021. Photos should be posted on the "BLSS- YFD- School in a Garden" Channel of the "OUA School Photos" Microsoft Team. 

All the participating schools shall register through www.blssfyd.weebly.com/registration. Reports will be submitted at www.blssfyd.weebly.com/forms until September 12, 2021. 

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