How to Apply for DICT PNPKI Digital Certificate on DepEd LMS

This post aims to assist teachers in applying for the Philippine National Public Key Infrastructure (PNPKI) digital certificate on DepEd LMS. 

Why teachers need to have PNPKI Digital Certificate? 

Based on the press release of the Department of Education last June 28, 2021, the PNPKI digital signature is a new requirement of the Commission on Elections (Comelec) for all public school teachers who will serve as Electoral Board Members. 

In the released memorandum of our division, the signatories of the procurement- related activities such as BAC members are being prioritized in the application. 

In this endeavor, DepEd made partnership with the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) in processing PNPKI digital certificates application. 

Steps on Applying PNPKI Digital Certificate on DepEd LMS

What I am going to teach here is the process I underwent. Our schools division office released a memorandum on how we are going the application. Thus, it is advised to know updates of your respective division especially that an enrolment key that you need will be coming from its office. In addition, your division office will give PNPKI- related materials. Here are the steps: 

  1. For a teacher to claim PNPKI digital certificate, he/ she needs to fill out the application form first. The form can be downloaded from via For the detailed way of accomplishing the form, you may read this blog post. 
  2. Once done with the form, proceed to the DepEd Learning Management System website, 

  3. Proceed to navigation bar and select the region where you belong. The schools division offices dropdown menu will appear. Select the division office you are employed. 

  4. To access the platform, encode your log- in credentials or log in through your DepEd Common Teachers account. 

  5. Locate Site home and click it. It will bring you to Course categories. 

  6. Click Professional Development. 

  7. Click the Facility for the Submission of the Application for the PNPKI Digital Certificate of DepEd Personnel in the Field Offices. 

  8. Encode the enrollment key given by the division office. The site will show that you are enrolled in the course. 

  9. Check the course. The site contains information such as how to fill out PNPKI form. To know more about the PNPKI, go to Overview. 

  10. There is a section named after your Schools Division. Click it. 
  11. In order for you to upload the PNPKI accomplished form, you need to answer the questionnaire. 
  12. After answering, proceed to Upload PNPKI Form Here. Click the Add Submission Button. 

  13. Upload or drag the file. 

  14. Click Save Changes. 
Wait for the quiz to be graded. 

If you need assistance, consult your School ICT Coordinator. 
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