Oral Communication in Context Weekly Home Learning Plan Quarter 1 Week 6

Here are your learning tasks for the sixth week of studying the subject. Here is the digital copy of the Weekly Home Learning Plan. 

For this week, you will have your performance tasks about speech context. Before doing them, kindly review first the types of speech context. There is a need to have a deep understanding of these types in order for you to accomplish tasks successfully.

We will have TickTalk activity this week. In this activity, you will receive a slip containing two (2) major tasks and five (5) minor tasks. You are required to accomplish the two major tasks. On the other hand, choose only one (1) from the minor tasks. Each task has a box beside it. Your objective is to perform the tasks in a given period of time. Once you are done, you can tick the boxes of the tasks that you have done.

To support your responses in the slip, record videos of yourself using your phone or any devices. If you do not have something to record videos, you can record audio using your phone or your Facebook Messenger. If the two ways of recording is impossible for you to do, make one to two descriptive sentences of how you performed the tasks.

In sending your video or audio, tell your parents about the materials that you need to pass. I will assist them in transferring or sharing these files. You can also send the files thru Facebook Messenger or you can upload them online and mention me or notify me for me to locate them. If you opted to write narrative report, the usual submitting of outputs will be followed.

In scoring your performance, a rubric will be given to you. 

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