Oral Communication in Context Weekly Home Learning Plan Quarter 1 Week 1

These are the learning tasks you need to do for this week. For the complete content of the Weekly Home Learning Plan for Quarter 1 Week 1 of Oral Communication in Context, click this link for you to access and download it. 

If camera phone is available, record a two- minute video introducing yourself. If you do not have anything to use for recording, write a five- sentence paragraph.

Familiarize yourself with the module. Check the pages. Once done, turn your module on page iii to iv. Remember the icons used as signals in the material.

Proceed to What I Need to Know on Page 1 of your Self- Learning Module (SLM). Know the objectives you need to attain.

Answer What I Know on Pages 2 to 4 of your SLM. Read the items carefully then choose the letter that corresponds to your answer. Write your answers on separate sheet of paper.

Study Lesson 1 The Nature and Process of Communication that starts from Page 5 of SLM.

Answer the activity found in Pages 6 to 7. You need to identify the different ways of communicating with others shown in the picture.

Read content on Nature of Communication, Process of Communication, and Functions of Communication from Page 8 to Page 10.

Do the What’s More activity on Page 11. You need to enumerate situations where communication takes place.

Do Activity 1: KWLH Chart on What I Have Learned found on Page 12. Fill in the chart. Answer on a separate sheet of paper.

Do Activity 2: Social Media Post on Page 12. You may post it on your personal social media account if you have a gadget to use.

Do Activity 1: Comic Strip on What I Can Do portion of SLM on Page 13.

Accomplish Activity 2: Reflections on Page 14. Explain what you have learned and realized in this module and how you will be able to apply your learnings in your life. Write your reflections using the following paragraph starters.

Answer Assessment part on Pages 15- 16. Do it on a separate sheet of paper.

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