Modular Distance Learning Class Rules and Regulations

To my learners, these are our rules and regulations based on the distance learning that we follow. Please read them. 

  1. Inform your parent or guardian about the distribution and retrieval of modules, weekly home learning plan and outputs schedule. Once you received the papers, check them if the pages are complete or properly printed. If there are problems found in the quantity of the materials, report it immediately to the class adviser to address it. If there are errors found, do not share those on social media. DepEd has implemented process on how to report errors.

  2. Provide your contact information and means of communication to your class adviser. Your subject teacher will use the information for technical assistance.

  3. If you are capable of joining Facebook group and group chat, please use your real name for you to be recognized. During our class schedule, use the time to ask for questions and clarifications regarding with the topic and tasks allotted for the week. You can still do transactions beyond the schedule. However, you need to wait for the reply as the teacher has ancillary tasks to fulfill.

  4.        If you do not have a smartphone, but your family has a basic cellphone, you may text or call the subject teacher. Ask your class adviser for the teacher’s cellphone number.

  5. Observe etiquette in communication. Be polite in dealing with your subject teacher and classmates. Do not share screenshots of our conversation unless you are given permission.

  6. Use separate sheets of paper when answering activities of your self- learning module. Write legibly. Make sure that your outputs are intact when submitting. Take note of the set deadlines in order for you to be on time. Extension for the submission of outputs can be given if reason/s are valid such as imposed lockdown in your purok that prohibits your parent or guardian to go to school. For updates regarding with the deadlines, you can read on them on your group chat, Facebook group, Facebook page, and on subject teacher’s website. To ensure that all will receive information, text messages will be sent to your cellphone numbers.

  7. For your performance tasks, do them according to the materials set in the Weekly Home Learning Plan. If there are no available resources such as camera phone, the teacher has devised another way for you to do the tasks. If you cannot make the tasks, kindly inform your subject teacher to assist you. In submitting your outputs, you can submit by asking your parents to bring your phone or device to transfer them in the school. If you have Internet load, you can submit them online. If the performance tasks are in the form of projects, make ways submitting them in good condition.

  8. Be honest in answering your module and doing your performance tasks. Do not commit plagiarism.

  9.       To help you monitor your progress, there is an online bulletin you can use. If your data are not updated, refer it to your subject teacher.

  10. Take care of yourself. Check your posture, do some stretching, and have eye rest. Have a balanced life.

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