I am an LDM for Teachers Beta Tester

Hello, teachers. 

I am glad to announce that I was selected as one of the Learning Delivery Modalities Course for Teachers (LDM 2) beta testers in our schools division office. I received a Division Memo about it last August 17. My name was included together with other teachers ranking from Master Teacher II down to Teacher I of our district. We had our orientation last August 19 through Facebook Live facilitated by DepEd Regional Office I and National Educators Academy of the Philippines (NEAP) Region I. I was curious about the said activity. I heard about LDM from our the principals. I learned that there is a designed course school heads and for teachers. 

The ideas I have about the training is it is intended for teachers and it is about how to deliver learning based on my self- analysis of the title of the training. I thought it was only a training, but it is a course training. What does it mean? A participant needs to finish a course by submitting outputs. We need to submit outputs per module. For the first part of the course, we need to send specific documents from Module 1 to Module 4. For beta testers, we have until September 4 to comply. Prior to studying the course. We are asked to give feedback on the clarity and content of the modules. That is a major tasks for beta testers like me. 

The personnel in charge of orienting the teachers mentioned that the course allows us to have independent of self- learning. We have the control when to study the module, but with a given duration. We have until September to submit the needed requirements. Some parts of the course require as to have Learning Action Cell (LAC) session. We have our LAC groups. We study the course by exchanging thoughts online. I am happy working with my fellows. I learned a lot from them . 

I am down to the last two modules for the course. I became more knowledgeable about LAC. In fact, I am assigned as LAC documenter. My uncertainties about the opening of the school year especially on teaching process were answered. I learned about the inception of Most Essential Learning Competencies (MELCs). I saw how DepEd adjusted in order to cater quality basic education. There is an elucidation on different distance learning. I know now how to create Weekly Home Learning Plan. This course makes all teachers equipped in teaching in the new normal. I am praying that I can work efficiently in the new setup. I am also praying that COVID-19 will end soon. I admit I miss teaching in the classroom. I miss seeing my students listening to me and working with their classmates during group tasks. For now, I need to be versatile and adaptive in the current situation. 

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