Ready, Set, Teach! | Second Batch of Grade 12 Teachers of Region I Attend MTOT on Common Topics

The Second Batch of Grade 12 Teachers, had mass training on Common Topics at National Educators Academy of the Philippines (NEAP-1), San Fernando City, La Union which started May 22 and ended May 25, 2017 and I was one of the thirty- five representatives of Schools Division Office I Pangasinan.

The seminar started with an opening program. It was followed by G-G to Know You & LNS facilitated by Ma’am Criselda G. Ocang, SHS Focal. We were divided to two big classes and I belong to Class 2. Each big class was again divided to four groups. I was chosen as the Team Manager of Blue Mentors, the name of our group. Our first task we worked together was LNS which stands for Letter, Number, Sign. In this activity, we need to give our expectations on the training and expound what are the reasons behind our answers. I was the presenter of our group. Then, the big classes were assigned to their training place. Class 2 trainees went to the mess hall.

Day 1

Blue Mentors with Sir Randy.

There were three sessions on the first day. The topic in the first session was “Understanding DepEd’s Mandate, Vision, Mission and Core Values and Strategic Thrust and Directions” under Sir Randy de Guzman. The objectives of the discussion were to explain the DepEd Vision, Mission and Core Values and to relate the DepEd structure. We had the visioning activity which is to think of our Grade 12 students ten years after finishing Senior High School. We ended with writing of our commitment in heart- shaped colored paper.

The second session revolved on “Understanding the SHS Learner” with Ma’am Almera Zarate, the facilitator of the said session. Before the discussion, each group need to answer a given question about teenagers in a creative way. The question given to us was “What product of technology do teens often use?” We made a skit by acting out how teenagers tinker their smartphones on socializing and keeping themselves updated. Our facilitator elucidated to us our role in making our SHS learners go beyond their capacities.

The last session on the said date focused on “21st Century Skills” tackled by Ma’am Cristina Aquino. We drew symbols on characterizing K to 12 curriculum and created our hashtags about being a teacher in today’s time which is digital and sophisticated.

Day 2

The participants with Sir Jaime Mabalot from Alaminos City Division began the day by introducing to us the latest updates on K to 12 Curriculum. We had found out the updated framework and other additional features of the enhanced basic education curriculum. We were grouped into 11 and were tasked to do “New, Exciting, Worth Sharing (NEWS) activity. In the said activity, a group should what is new, what is exciting and what are the things worth sharing in a given topic. The topic that was assigned to us was the K to 12 framework.

Sir Randy de Guzman instilled to us the features of the curriculum especially on using the curriculum guide (CG) which serves as the bible of Grade 12 teachers in writing Daily Lesson Plan/ Log. We had clear understanding on how to use codes and on how to teach the competencies enlisted on the guide. The participants were grouped based on the area of specialization. We filled out a blank lesson plan template and required to put the content standard, performance standard and competency in the right places. We also scribbled on the activities and assessment that will be executed in the day’s lesson.

In the afternoon session, Ma’am Cheryl de Guzman helped us understand the different K to 12 Pedagogies that we can use to teach our lessons effectively. She presented legal bases that we should adhere in crafting our lesson plans. All subjects should be taught using constructivism. In order to discern more about the theory, we were grouped into four and were instructed to determine the contributions of famous educators such as John Dewey, Jean Piaget, Lev Vygotsky, and Jerome Bruner in formulation of constructivism style of teaching.

We ended the day by understanding K to 12 Assessment under the supervision of Ma’am Cristina Aquino. We learned the importance of conducting assessments in determining if the pedagogies were efficacious and if the learners successfully attained the objectives and competencies of a subject. We learned how grades of students were computed through manual computation.

Day 3

Our morning was zealous as we had our song activity which triggered our creativity. Our first topic during that day was Contextualization with Sir Drawin Nazareno. We were grouped into six and we changed the lyrics of the song based on products that are ubiquitous in our locality. The song should be sung with dance steps. The activity aims to appreciate contextualization. We had a healthy discussion on contextualization, localization, and indigenization and how these three will help everyone to preserve culture. In the final part, our group were asked to concoct lesson plan with appropriate teaching strategies and assessment in explaining how and when an event becomes a disaster specifically highland agricultural area.

Then, the session was followed by Lesson Planning topic under the tutelage of Ma’am Almie Zarate. She stated the rules in doing lesson plans based on orders implemented by the DepED. She pinpointed the effect of instructional planning to make the lesson relatable and comprehensive. We were required to create a lesson using a curriculum guide.

Ma’am Arlene Casipit discussed Preparation of Instructional Materials. Before the discussion, our original groups were assigned to list down various materials that our teachers used when we were studying. We enlisted materials that our high school teachers utilized in teaching their lessons. We learned that IMs are for clarity of instruction, attention catching, memory retention and poise. We also delved on steps in preparation of instructional materials from needs assessment up to evaluation.

The last session of the third day was sophisticated as we studied the Learning Resource Management and Development System (LRMDS). This is created by the DepEd in order to help teachers in preparing materials especially that scanty resources and natural phenomena such as typhoon are inevitable, making delivery of instruction difficult. The system is helpful to vanquish the problem on 1:1 book distribution that this is still ideal. As an ICT coordinator, I shared about how to navigate the site and how to register for an account. We ended the day by registering our LRMDS accounts.

Day 4

The first session for the last day was about School Structure and Processes with Ma’am Arlene Casipit. She gave us queries/ situations to answer that are related to educational management. We answered the questions about processes in conducting field trips/ work immersions and on what to do if some students have failing grades. We learned about the legal bases behind school operations. We familiarized ourselves on the organizational structure of a stand-alone SHS and integrated school. Having the background on school administration will help us to work properly in the schools where we are going to work at.

Sir Orlando Guerrero shared his thoughts about Gender and Development (GAD) for Gender Responsive School in the second session. He elucidated things about sensitive concepts involved and GAD such as the differentiation between sex and gender, the misconceptions about gender roles, and the benefits of GAD in making schools child- friendly. We had known the GAD concepts that should be integrated in our lessons.

The last topic for the training, Magna Carta for Teachers and Professional Ethics for Teachers, was presented by Atty. Howard Chan. He gave facts about teaching profession like how to become a professional teacher and what are the things a teacher like me should bear in mind especially that I play a vital role in the society. We also garnered information about our compensation and several benefits we receive.

To cap the training, a closing program was held. Each class presented a number. Then, I stated impressions about the training. I said 3Es about it which are Exciting, Enthusiastic, and Encouraging. Afterwards, we were instructed to paste our hand- shaped cutout where we wrote our strengths as SHS teacher as well as our fears and weaknesses that impede us. Moreover, we determined the top three best characteristics we have in common. These characteristics were highlighted by the management hoping that we will cling to these so we can be the best we can. We ended the training with community singing and awarding of certificates.

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