Empowerment Technologies MELC-Based Daily Lesson Logs Quarter 1

These are the daily lesson logs for Empowerment Technologies crafted using the Most Essential Learning Competencies.

I have my YouTube channel where I upload video lessons particularly on Empowerment Technologies. Please subscribe. 

Week 1- Information and Communication Technology; Online Platform and Sites; Online Safety, Security and Netiquette; Kinds of Online Threats

Week 2- Web Searching, Integrating Materials

Week 3- Mail Merge and Label Generation, Advanced Presentation Skills

Week 4- Advanced Spreadsheet Skills

Week 5-Developing ICT Content for use in in specific professional tracks/Imaging and Design for Online Environment

Week 6- Image Manipulation

Week 7- Survey Forms

Week 8- Web Page Creation

Week 9- Web Page Creation

Week 10- Web Page Creation

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