DepEd-DRRMS releases guidelines for monitoring and evaluation of Psychosocial Support Activities for the in-person classes

Image of Psychosocial Support Activity Pack front page downloaded from DepEd Philippines Facebook Page

The Department of Education thru its Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Service issued Memorandum DRRMS-08-20-2022-0002 with the subject of Dissemination of the Psychosocial Support Activity Pack (All Levels): A Teacher's Guide and Psychosocial Evaluation. 

The said memorandum stated that psychosocial support activities must be conducted for the in-person classes during the first week of School Year 2022-2023. Classroom advisers or designated teachers are the ones to facilitate the said activities for at least one hour for one week or until the learners are well-adjusted with the learning set-up. 

Furthermore, the issuance has the information about the creation of Psychosocial Support Activity Pack: Teacher's Guide intended for all grade levels. Links for video on learning sessions on the conduct of the activities are also included. 

On the other hand, the facilitators are informed about the Psychosocial Evaluation thru Annex A containing the guidelines for monitoring and evaluation of Psychosocial Support Activities for the in-person classes. These are the following guidelines:

a. To be administered by teachers or class advisers who were trained and/or oriented on conducting and facilitating psychosocial support activities for learners.

b. To be completed by learners participating in in-person classes.

c. To be administered and completed before the facilitation of the first psychosocial support activity and after the facilitation of the last psychosocial support activity (pre- and post-evaluation design).

d. To be collected by teachers and then collated through this response template: The collated responses shall be submitted to the School Heads

e. To be submitted by and through School Heads to DRRMS through this reporting link:

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