Media and Information Literacy Quarter 4, Week 4 Weekly Learning Plan

These are the home- based activities for the fourth week learning the subject this quarter. 


The class will do “What Went Wrong” activity. They need to examine four samples of business cards. They need to identify what is wrong with the design and suggestions to improve them. They need to fill out table.


There will be learners who will present their works. The answers will be analyzed.


The learners will read contents on text dimension of information and media on pages 4-9.

Then, the learners will read contents on visual dimension of information and media on pages 10-25. Discuss the visual design principles and elements.


The learners will examine the following images and write how the text and visual dimensions of information and media in the respective business ventures.

Check the following pictures:


The learners will do the matching type items under What I Have Learned on page 25.

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