Media and Information Literacy Quarter 4, Week 3 Weekly Learning Plan

Good day! Here is our weekly learning plan for this week. This shows the home- based activities. 

A. Activity

The learners need to watch the video entitled SONA: Lola Techie, hinikayat ang ibang may edad na tulad niya na maging tech savvy (URL source:

If in case there is power interruption, the learners will read 'Lola Techie' urges senior citizens to be IT savvy on pages 4-5 of their self- learning module.

B. Analysis

The learners need to answer the guide questions found on page 6 of their self- learning module. 

C. Abstraction

The learners will read the portion about the 3rd United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) Global Forum on May 2010 in Rio de Janeiro Brazil, and UNESCO’s Teacher Training Curricula for media and information literacy found in the self- learning module.

Read the implications of media and information literacy from the “E-Learning Guide on Media and Information Literacy”. This can be read on pages 7-9.

D. Application

The learners will analyze the song, “This is Me”. The class will answer the questions on page 10 of the self- learning module.

E. Evaluation

The learners will answer the Assessment on page 14 of the self-learning module.

Reference/ Material: Media and Information Literacy Quarter 2 Module 3 - Implications of Media and


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