What is a Speech? | Speech Writing Lesson 1

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Good day! In this lesson, you are going to define the speech and determine its importance.

One of the things that made us distinct from other creatures of the world is our ability to speak using languages. We are gifted with the ability to express our ideas and feelings. Because of this, we are able to build connection with other people. Today, we can reach more because of technology. In just few clicks, we can send our messages around the world.
Every day, we engage to conversations with various people. We use speech styles depending to whom we are talking to. As you grow old, there will be the times you will be invited in occasions and ask for a message. In events like debut and graduation, you need to be formal. You need to prep up, dress nicely, and speak with formality as you face attendees who are well-known to the public.
In order for you to communicate well to your audience, you can prepare for a speech. What is a speech?
The following are the definitions from the dictionaries that can help you understand the concept.
According to Oxford Languages, speech is a formal address or discourse delivered to an audience. On the other hand, it is a spoken expression of ideas, opinions, etc., that is made by someone who is speaking in front of a group of people as defined by the Merriam- Webster. Collins Dictionary defined it as a formal talk which someone gives to an audience.
To summarize, a speech is a formal address of a speaker delivered to a particular audience. In one of our lessons in the first quarter, there are types of speech according to purpose. As a speaker, you must have something to tell your audience and make a lasting impact.
In our subject, you are required to write a speech and deliver it. In the next lesson, you will find out the speech writing process. To end, give your own definition of the word 'speech' and why it is important.

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