Study Buddy Project | ICT Project for Social Change Concept Paper Sample

I made this sample based on learner's point of view. 

The COVID-19 pandemic drastically changed our lives. All are affected including the education sector. The country’s Department of Education (DepEd) has been implementing distance learning modalities to have educational continuity in this time of health crisis. Learners and parents still have difficulties in this set-up. Studying at home is a daily challenge as there are factors that disrupt the learners’ focus and enthusiasm. This is true based on the Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey released last March 2021 about education in the new normal. Eighty- nine (89) percent of Filipino families with members enrolled for school year 2020-2021 answered blended learning “more difficult” than face-to-face learning (Manila Bulletin, 2021). The data is alarming as the quality of learning cannot be fully attained.

As senior high school learners, we understand how difficult it is to study lessons. There are those who cannot do independent learning. Others feel alone and demotivated. To help our fellow learners, our group, Empowered Learners, is pushing for the implementation of Study Buddy Project. This initiative will help the learners in forming learning habits and establishing online community where they can share their concerns as well as share their knowledge, talents, and skills. By allotting a space for learners, they will be empowered and inspire others.

To reach people, we will use Facebook Page as our main platform in spreading our aims and objectives. We will design and upload infographics. We will also produce video contents about others’ learning experiences and ours as well. In addition, we will make contents about tips on studying. In order for the learners to express themselves well, a Facebook group will be created. They can post their concerns based on the group’s rules. The group’s space will allow to accept writings and multimedia contents from the members showcasing their capabilities. This way, the group will serve as an outlet of the learners for de-stressing. Aside from the social media platform, we will build a site for more contents.

In managing this program, our team will have specific roles in order to make our project successful. Meetings will be done weekly using online tools. We will use our own resources for funding. As we have personal gadgets, we will spend only on Internet load. We will rely on free platforms such as Canva in producing infographics. We will use the free services of Facebook and Blogger in disseminating contents.

If you are willing to be our partner for this program, you can contact us at and to our Study Buddy Facebook page.


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