Practical Research 1 Oral Defense Guidelines

To help your group in the upcoming proposal defense, read the following.


1.     Before the presentation, submit the soft copy of your research containing the following parts:

a.      Title Page

b.     Chapter 1 The Problem

c.      Chapter 2 Literature Review

d.     Chapter 3 Research Methodology


2.     Presentation of your research proposal can be done through synchronous or asynchronous set-up.

a.      For synchronous set-up, enter the Google Meet meeting through the link to be provided two days before the schedule. If the teleconference tool is not accessible or working for all, join the Messenger Room through the link relayed in the subject group chat.

b.     For asynchronous set-up, record your group presentation following the sequence of research parts to be discussed. Upload the video in the Practical Research 1 Google Drive folder or class’s Facebook group. Questions will be posted in our FB group and answer using the Comment section.


3.     Wear appropriate attire during the presentation. If you do not have formal or semi- formal attire, wear school uniform or white- t-shirt.


4.     Find a convenient area at home for the defense. Use headset with microphone for better interaction.


5.     Your group is encouraged to use slide presentation. If you opted to do a recording, you may insert text highlighting keywords about your research.


6.     Each group will be given 10 to 15 minutes to present their proposal. For the live presentation, 15 minutes is allotted for the paneling.


7.     Do not just read the content of your presentation, discuss.


8.     Be courteous to all the participants of the defense. Mute your microphone when not asked to speak.


9.     The leader must assign a secretary to write down all the suggestions and areas of improvement.


10.  If a member was not able to participate during the defense, he/she will be given a chance to present.

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