Oral Communication in Context Week 4 Quarter 2 Weekly Home Learning Plan

Here are the learning tasks for the fourth week of our Oral Communication in Context class for the second quarter: 

For printed modules, check the number of pages and readability of the Self- Learning Module. For the digital modules, check if the file is readable on the device you are using. If problems are found, report to your subject teacher or class advisers.

Turn your SLM to Page 1. Read the contents under What I Need to Know. This week, the focus of the study is on the principles of effective speech writing.

Read the introductory paragraph under Principles of Speech Delivery on Page 4.

Answer True or False test under What’s New on Page 5. Write TRUE if the statement is correct. Otherwise write FALSE.

Read the contents about the five principles under What is It on Pages 5 to 9. Then, answer identification under What’s More. Supply the terms being asked.

For prewriting activity for your speech, you need to fill out the Speech Writing form. You will start planning about the topic you want to deliver. You will not submit the form as it will be used for the next week.

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