Oral Communication in Context Week 3 Quarter 2 Weekly Home Learning Plan

The following are the learning tasks for this week. If you have questions, send them to our group chat. 

For printed modules, check the number of pages and readability of the Self- Learning Module. For the digital modules, check if the file is readable on the device you are using. If problems are found, report to your subject teacher or class advisers.

This is a continuation of the lesson about understanding speech context, speech style, speech act, and communicative strategy.

Turn your SLM to Page 16 and answer C. Speech Acts under What’s More activity. Write your communication to the following target audience given a specific context. Do this in 3-5 sentences for each number. Be guided by the rubrics on Page 17.

Specific context:

You are to inform the following groups about the harmful effects of not following the safety protocols of the government.

Do D. Communicative Strategies under What’s More activity on Page 17. Read the text. Extract the observable communicative strategies from it. Write the statement/s that represent/s the strategies on a sheet of paper under the correct heading/label.

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