Remote Research Guidelines in Practical Research 1 Subject

Hi, young researchers! Welcome to Practical Research 1. This applied subject aims to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills through qualitative research. 

Researching is an important skill you need to learn as senior high school learners. Through research, you can solve problems that may affect you or other people. It is also a way to dive deeper into your interest or a phenomenon. As you live in the 21st century, researching opens many opportunities here and abroad. It is a tool to communicate with other people who are passionate about learning new information in conferences. Many people found careers because of research. With many benefits you can get from researching, learning it makes you equipped when dealing with tasks that require higher-order thinking skills.

Group researching is the common setup used in high school. Collaboration is a key to successful output. However, due to the pandemic, you are restricted to meet face to face. The precarious situation makes the research writing process daunting and challenging. Many institutions have shifted to remote researching. Lectures are given to the learners online or through other means. Different platforms are promoted to be utilized for brainstorming and collaborating. In order to have dynamic, interactive, and systematic research writing, this set of guidelines is created. 

  1. Form your group according to the numbers set by your research teacher. Leaders are tasked to submit the names of their members. If you are not yet part of any group, send a message about it to address the problem. 
  2. Create a Messenger group chat. It will be the main platform to be utilized for communication. Set the name of the group using this format: Track/ Strand_Group Letter. Be updated in your group chat about the latest announcements and research materials. 
  3. Groups are allowed to use any teleconferencing apps or sites such as Zoom, Google Meet, and Teams. You may invite your teacher when you hold meetings. 
  4. Observe netiquette and ethics when dealing with group mates online. Any misbehavior will have corresponding disciplinary actions. 
  5. Each group will have a tablet issued by the school Use it for research purposes and other academic tasks only. Handle the device with care. 
  6. Face-to-face meetings are not allowed based on the regulations set by the national and local IATFs. Carry out the tasks online. Violating the COVID-19 related rules is not tolerated. Any misdeed will have corresponding disciplinary actions. 
  7. Follow the research parts and formats recommended by the subject teacher. When presenting the manuscript, you may send the soft copy via Messenger or email. 
  8. Consultations are allowed based on the class schedule. Inquiries sent beyond the period might not be addressed immediately. 
  9. Be ready with the scheduled research defenses. Try to appear online during those times. 
  10. If you are sick or attending an emergency, inform your subject teacher. Health and personal matters are important. 

You have one semester to work with your group mates. Have a harmonious relationship. Work and submit on time and enjoy the process. 

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