Oral Communication in Context Quarter 2 Week 1 Weekly Home Learning Plan

Here are the learning tasks for this week. Kindly check the pages of the self- learning module. If problems are found, tell it to me. 

This quarter, you will be exposed different activities in order for you to become a good communicator. This week, you will learn communicative strategies that will help you to start or maintain a conversation. For other details about our lesson for this week, turn your self- learning module to Page 1.

Proceed to What I Know (Pretest) on Pages 2 and 3. Answer the 15- item multiple choices test. Choose the letter of the best answer.

Go to Page 4 and read the preliminaries under Lesson 1: Communicative Strategies. Answer Activity 1. What you do under What’s New. Fill in the speech bubbles your ideas about communicative strategies. Only fill up three speech bubbles. You do not need to submit this. You can do this on your paper or notebook.

On Pages 6 and 7, read the different communicative strategies: a) Nomination; b) Restriction; c) Turn- taking; d) Topic Control; e) Topic Shifting; f) Repair; and g) Termination.

Answer Activity 2. What Strategy on Pages 6 and 7. Determine the type of strategy used in each statement.

Answer Activity 3 Your Turn on Pages 7 and 8. You need to write your own statement based on the situations in the table. Each statement is worth one point. In order for you to garner a point, write a statement which is grammatical and related to the situation.

In Activity 4 on Page 8 to 9, you just need to choose one (1) situation that you will create dialogue. You must use appropriate communicative strategies. 

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