Empowerment Technologies Weekly Home Learning Plan Quarter 1 Week 1

The following are the learning tasks for this week. Read them carefully and do them diligently. If you find problems in your self- learning module, please inform me. 

For printed modules, check the number of pages and readability of the Self- Learning Module. For the digital modules, check if the file is readable on the device you are using. If problems are found, report to your subject teacher or class advisers.

Go to What I Need to Know to Page 1 and read the overview. Then, read the Learning Competencies on Page 2. For this week, we will only tackle three of the four competencies.

Proceed to Lesson 1: What is Information and Communications Technology? on Page 3 and read the introductory paragraph.

Answer the Pretest under What I Know from Page 3 and 4.

Read the contents of the lesson from Page 5 to 8. Then, answer Activity 1.2: Where do I belong? under What is It.

Read Lesson 1.1 Online Platforms and Sites under What’s New on Page 9. Then, answer Assessment on Pages 12-13.

Proceed to Lesson 2: Online Safety, Security and Netiquette. Read the introductory paragraph. Answer the pretest under What I Know on Pages 15-17.

For What’s New activity on Page 18, do it as a self- reflection. You do not need to submit this.

Read the contents of the lesson from Page 19 to 21.

Accomplish Activity 2.2 Can You Keep it Private? under What I Can Do. 

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