DepEd Enrollment Guidelines for School Year 2021-2022 that Parents and Learners Must Follow

The Department of Education issued DepEd Order No. 32, s. 2021 which is the Guidelines on Enrollment for School Year 2021- 2022 in the Context of the Continuing National Public Health Emergency Due to COVID-19. This order contains information how the public elementary and secondary schools will conduct the enrollment procedures from the gathering of data up to submission of figures. It has also the instruction to the parents/ guardians and enrollees about the enrollment. If you are planning your child to enroll in the next school year or if you are a student and you want to participate in classes, take note of the following process. These are included in the department order. 

Instruction to Parents/ Guardians and Enrollees (Taken From DepEd Order No. 32, s. 2021)

1. For incoming Grades 1-6, 8-10, & 12 learners

Parents of incoming Grades 1-6, 8-10 & 12 learners will be contacted by the school, preferably through previous advisers for remote enrollment procedures. However, parents/ guardians may also reach out to their child's adviser for enrollment through the contact numbers published by the school. 

2. For incoming kindergarten, Grades 7 & 11 

Parents of incoming kindergarten, Grades 7 & 11 learners shall communicate/ re-affirm their intent to enroll their children to a school of their choice via digital and/ or physical enrollment platforms established by schools which is similar procedures during the early registration. 

3. For transferees

Learners planning to transform from one school ("the originating school") to another ("the receiving school") shall directly contact the receiving school through its published enrollment contact details. Previous adviser is no longer required to facilitate submission of MLESF of learner that is about to transfer to another school. 

4. For Balik- Aral enrollees

All Balik- Aral enrollees shall directly contact their preferred schools for enrollment. The receiving schools shall register enrollee's enrollment and survey data. 

5. For ALS enrollees

ALS enrollees may communicate their intent to enroll via digital and/or physical enrollment platforms established by schools and barangays with community learning centers (CLCs). Modified ALS Form 2 (Annex A) shall be used for this purpose, consistent with DO No.58, s. 2017. This form will be made available in digital and physical format. 

For more details, access the department order here

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