Tips for Delivering Manuscript Speech in the New Normal | Oral Communication in Context Quarter 2 Week 8

As we cannot have gatherings for you to be heard due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you are going to deliver your speech using your camera or mobile device. Through technology, you can reach more people as your video can be viewed on social media such as Facebook and on video sharing sites such as YouTube.

To help you prepare for your manuscript speech delivery, here are some tips:

1.       Have the line spacing of your speech double spaced for easy reading and marking.

2.       Read the manuscript. Check if the speech has logical organization, good word choice, and grammatical correctness. If there are things needed to be improved, edit and revise the speech.

3.       After the revision, read the speech again to mark where to pause and what words or statements needed to be highlighted or emphasized.

4.       Read the speech orally. Take note of the parts where you have mispronunciations, wrong pauses, and wrong transition. You may consider changing these parts for better delivery. This way you can also focus on modulation of your voice.

5.       Practice delivering it by doing eye contact, facial expressions, posture, and movement. You may do this by facing in front of the mirror. Much better if you do it in front of your family members. You may ask them their feedback on your delivery.

6.       Examine your recording device before using. You should know the settings of your camera or your phone so that you can record your speech effectively.

7.       Choose an area of house which will not affect the recording. Have a pleasant background. Make sure that no object can cover your face. Moreover, make sure that the place is not noisy as it may affect your recording.

8.       Have a final rehearsal. You may wear your attire for you to be comfortable. Have someone hold the camera for you. You may shoot in landscape or in vertical manner as long as your face and gestures will be captured clearly. If no one will do it for you, place the camera in a stable area or use tripod.

9.       When delivering your speech, hold your manuscript properly like how news anchors do. You may use a table as long as it will not affect your posture and appearance on the video.

10.   Review your performance. Determine your strengths and weaknesses.

11.   For your final recording, enjoy the delivery and use the time to express yourself.

12.   Submit the video to your teacher online or offline.

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