Reading and Writing Weekly Home Learning Plan Quarter 1 Week 7

Good day, learners. Here are your learning tasks for the seventh week studying Reading and Writing. To access the digital file of the Weekly Home Learning Plan, click here

Check the quality and the quantity of your Self- Learning Module. Report if there are missing pages or there are problems on readability. If you are using digital copy, check if the it is compatible with your device. If problem arises, please report it to your subject teacher.

This week, we will start exploring the properties of a well- written text focusing on organization, and coherence and cohesion. In answering the activities, you may write your answers on a piece of paper or encode them on Microsoft Office or other word document software or app.

Turn your module to Page 42. Read the introductory paragraph of Lesson 1. For this week, the focus of our lesson will be on claim of fact.

Read What’s In on Page 42. It will give you a bird’s eye view about the importance of understanding and standing for argument.

Do What’s New activity on Page 43. You need to answer it in a tabular form. No need to draw the images on your paper.

Read the contents about claim of fact. Note also the explicit and implicit claims. Then, answer Activity A of What’s More on the same page. Answers only.

Do the Activity of What’s More on Page 44. Answers only using check or cross mark.

Do What I Can Do activity from Page 44 to 45. You are going to do a 150- word essay. Use the rubric as your guide

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