Oral Communication in Context Weekly Home Learning Plan Quarter 1 Week 7

Hello, students. We are now on the seventh week studying Oral Communication in Context subject. Here are your learning learning tasks for this week. You can access the Weekly Home Learning Plan digital file here

For printed modules, check the number of pages and readability of the Self- Learning Module. For the digital modules, check if the file is readable on the device you are using. If problems are found, report to your subject teacher or class advisers.

The general instruction in answering the activities is indicated below: 

Write your answer on a separate sheet of paper or you may encode your answers using Microsoft Word or other apps in creating documents.

Turn to Page 1 of your SLM and read the contents in What I Need to Know. For this week, you will learn the various types of speeches. You are expected to distinguish the types of speeches according to purpose and delivery and determine the types of speeches used in different real-life situations;

Proceed to What I Know and answer the items under What I Know from Page 2 to 3. The whole test is in multiple choices form.

Read the introductory paragraphs of Types of Speeches and the paragraphs in What’s In on Page 4. Then, Do What’s New activity on Page 5. Only the word puzzle part will be answered in this activity.

Read the contents under What is It about Types of Speeches according to purpose and according to delivery on Page 8. After studying, answer What’s More activity on Page 9.

Answer Assessment part on Page 13 of your self- learning module. The test is in true or false form. Write the whole word of your response. 

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