Creative Writing Weekly Home Learning Plan Quarter 1 Week 6

Good day, writers. These are your learning tasks for this week in our subject Creative Writing. To access the digital file of the weekly home learning plan, click here. Printed copies are already distributed. Stay safe, learn more.

Before working for your performance task, review your self- learning module and handouts. Reviewing the concepts will help you to accomplish things successfully.

The class will hold the first poetry writing festival online. It is expected that you will work with your group mates remotely.

The theme for this year’s activity is Empowering Young People Through Poetry. The aim of this program is to let young voices to be heard through poems. Moreover, the learners will showcase their creativity using words and elements of poetry.

To guide the class, here are the mechanics:

1.     The class will be divided into four groups. Based on the class population, three (3) groups will have eight (8) learners while one group will have nine (9).

2.      Each group will manage a Facebook page where they will upload different types of poems for two weeks. The groups must name their page in connection with writing and literature. They must classify the page as Literary Arts. To help managing the page, each group will receive 200 pesos sponsored by the subject teacher as group work will be done online or through call.

3.       A Facebook page must have a profile picture and a cover photo. Observe decency and originality in adding these media files.

4.       Each member must create a poem. Original poems must only be posted in all Facebook pages. Plagiarized works will be graded zero and will cause five points deduction of group’s score.

5.       A Facebook page must have the following pieces:

a.       Two rhymed poems

b.       Two free verse poems

c.        A poem in video form (visual poetry)

d.       Emoji poem (experimental poem)

e.       Two concrete/shape poems

f.         One spoken word poetry

Poems excluding visual poetry and spoken word poetry can be posted with or without any accompanying image. The poems can also be designed using apps like Canva. If all the needed contents are already posted, the group can still add other types of poems.

6.       Scoring of poems will be in a form of rubrics. The following are the awards to be won:

a.       Best Rhymed Poem

b.       Best Free Verse Poem

c.        Best Visual Poem

d.       Best Emoji Poem

e.       Best Concrete/Shape Poem

f.         Best Spoken Word Poetry 

For the overall results, total point system except on letter e will be followed. For the Trending Facebook Page, it will be based on the analytics of Facebook. The following are the other awards to be won:

a.       Best Facebook Literary Page

b.       Second Placer

c.        Third Placer

d.       Fourth Placer

e. Trending Facebook Page

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