Creative Writing Weekly Home Learning Plan Quarter 1 Week 5

To my learners, here are your learning tasks for Week 5. Read and do them diligently. If you want a digital copy of the file, you can access it here

For printed modules, check the number of pages and readability of the Self- Learning Module (SLM) and handout. For the digital modules, check if the files are readable on the device you are using. If problems are found, report to your subject teacher or class advisers.

In answering the activities, you may write your answers on a piece of paper or encode them on Microsoft Office or other word document software or app.

Read the poem, l(a or (A leaf falls on loneliness) by e.e. cummings in your handout. In one to two sentences, write what the poem is all about. Then, read r-p-o-p-h-e-s-s-a-g-r by e.e cummings. In one to two sentences, write your observation about it like if you appreciate it or confused about it.

The poems of e.e. cummings are examples of experimental poems. There are deviations on poem structures and grammatical structures of words. The way poems are written can help us understand what the poem is all about. This time, read the poem, Sa Poetry by Rolando Tinio. In one to two sentences, write your observation about it.

Read the lesson about Other Experimental Texts starting from Page 37 of your SLM.

Read Typography/ shape poem and concrete poem from Page 37 to 39. Check out the examples. For your written task/performance task, write your own shape poem.

Read Me, Dinosaur by Christopher Ryan. In one to two sentences, write your stance on the piece if it is poem or not.

If you have Internet load, watch Wake Up! (spoken word poetry) | Jesse Oliver. There is a transcript of it in the handout. In one to two sentences, write your interpretation about the poem.

Read Lang Leav’s The Rose on your handout. Then, try to view it on your phone. Explore instapoetry online.

The class will be divided into groups for the online poetry festival. All of you will showcase your poems using Facebook Page.

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