Reading and Writing Weekly Home Learning Plan Quarter 1 Week 1

These are the learning tasks you need to do for this week. To see the complete look of the weekly home learning plan, click this link. You are allowed to download the file. 

Familiarize yourself with the module. Check the pages. Once done, turn your module on page 1. Remember the sections of the module. Examine also the handout given to you.

Read the handout about Written Text as Connected Discourse. After reading, please chat me through Messenger or text me about what are you looking forward in 2021. You may also post on our Facebook group. If there is no phone to use, write your message on a piece of paper.

Read the handout about Selecting and Organizing information. After reading, create a graphic organizer of vertebrates and invertebrates. Answer in the provided activity sheet.

Proceed to What I Need to Know on Page 2 of your Self- Learning Module (SLM). Know the objectives you need to attain.

Read What’s In part on Page 2.

Do the What’s New task on Page 3. Write your answer on a separate paper.

Study Lesson 1 Narration from Page 2 to 4 of your SLM. Read content in What is It portion.

Answer What’s More on Pages 3 and 4. Read the paragraph and answer the following questions on a separate sheet. 

Read Lesson 2 Description. Answer What’s New task on Page 5.

Read What is It content. Do What’s More task on Page 5. Read the paragraphs below. Tell whether the description is subjective description or objective.

Answer What I Have Learned on Page 6 of your SLM. Then, accomplish What I Can Do task on the same page. Write your answers in a separate sheet of paper.

Study Lesson 3 Definition on Page 6.

Read the text in What’s New on Page 7. Then, answer the questions.

Read What is It on Pages 7 and 8. Then, answer What’s More Activity on Pages 8 and 9. Do your task on separate sheet of paper.

Accomplish What I Have Learned Task on Page 9 of your SLM. Create a semantic map in a bond paper, write all your key learning from this lesson.

Do What I Can Do task on Pages 9 and 10. Define “COVID-19” using the rules you have learned. You may also choose to use the outline below to help you in writing a good definition paragraph. Write your answer on a separate sheet of paper. 

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  1. Hello, Sir! Pwede po ba makahingi ng soft copy ng modules sa Reading and Writing Skills? Thank you in advance po.