Reading and Writing Weekly Home Learning Plan Quarter 1 Week 3

We are now on the third week of studying Reading and Writing. Read the learning tasks and do them diligently. You can read and download the digital file of the Weekly Home Learning plan here

Check the quality and the quantity of your Self- Learning Module. Report if there are missing pages or there are problems on readability. If you are using digital copy, check if the it is compatible with your device. If problem arises, please report it to your subject teacher.

This week, we will start exploring the properties of a well- written text focusing on organization, and coherence and cohesion. In answering the activities, you may write your answers on a piece of paper or encode them on Microsoft Office or other word document software or app.

Turn your self- learning module to Page 23. Read the introductory paragraph of the lesson. Then, read What I Need to Know as your guide of what to learn for this week. After that, read the contents of What’s In from Page 23 to 24 in order for you to understand organization.

Do What’s New activity on Page 24. You are asked to determine the arrangement of events and give your reasons about the arrangement.

Read What is It on Page 25 for clearer understanding about organization as a property of a well- written text. Next, do the activity under What’s More on Pages 25 and 26.

Accomplish What I Can Do task on Page 27. In the Date column, you can only put year if you cannot remember the exact date the event in your life happened. Then, do the Additional Activities on Page 27. Use your answers from the graphic organizer.

Proceed to Lesson 2 Coherence and Cohesion. Read the introductory paragraphs and the What’s In content on Page 27 and 28. Answer Set A items only under What’s New on Page 28.

Read the content of What is It from Page 28 to 29. Then do What’s More activity on Page 29.

As a performance task, write a five to seven- sentence paragraph about happiness as stated in What I Can Do portion, Page 30 of your SLM. Write a unique title and follow the rubric. 

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