Reading and Writing Weekly Home Learning Plan Quarter 1 Week 4

Hello, learners. Here are your learning tasks for the fourth week studying the subject Reading and Writing. This week, we will focus on language use as a property of well- written text. You can access the digital copy of the Weekly Home Learning Plan here. Printed copies will be disseminated on Tuesday, November 3 as the second day of November is a holiday. Happy learning!

Check the quality and the quantity of your Self- Learning Module. Report if there are missing pages or there are problems on readability. If you are using digital copy, check if the it is compatible with your device. If problem arises, please report it to your subject teacher.

This week, we will start exploring the properties of a well- written text focusing on organization, and coherence and cohesion. In answering the activities, you may write your answers on a piece of paper or encode them on Microsoft Office or other word document software or app.

This week, we will only delve on language use as a property of well-written text. In this lesson, you are expected to analyze the language use in a text and write a text considering the said property.

Read the introductory paragraph of Lesson 3 Language Use. Reflect (no need to write) on the questions under What’s In on Page 31. Next, proceed to What’s New portion on the same page and do the activity. Study the conversation of the three students.

Read the contents on What is It on Pages 31 and 32. You will gain knowledge on how to achieve proper language use in writing a text.

For What’s More activity, you do not need to clip an article anymore. There are texts included in your materials this week. For General Academic strand students, read and evaluate the language of the article So, Yeah, the Philippines Has Expensive Turtle Internet, According to a New Study: A global digital well-being study reveals the poor state of Internet in the Philippines published on Use the table to do the activity. Do not forget to write your comment or suggestion to improve the language use in the article.

For written work/ performance task, examine the language use in a food foil or packaging (example SkyFlakes). In two paragraphs (with five to seven sentences each paragraph), write how effective the language use that made you patronize or like it. Paste or attach the food packaging on your paper. Make sure it is clean before submitting. 

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