Oral Communication in Context Weekly Home Learning Plan Quarter 1 Week 4

Hello, communicators. Here are your learning tasks for the fourth week studying Oral Communication in Context subject this quarter. Read the Weekly Home Learning Plan and do the tasks diligently. You can access the digital file here. Printed copies will distributed tomorrow. While we do not have to face to face class, practice speaking English at home. 

Learning Tasks:

For printed modules, check the number of pages and readability of the Alternative Instructional Resource- Learning Material and activity sheet. For the digital modules, check if the file is readable on the device you are using. If problems are found, report to your subject teacher or class advisers.

The general instruction in answering the activities is indicated below: 

Write your answer on a separate sheet of paper or you may encode your answers using Microsoft Word or other apps in creating documents.

Read the paragraphs under Target portion of Page 1 of the AIR-LM. This will guide you on what you on what the module is all about.

Proceed to Page 3. Answer the Pretest. You may choose from the following to answer the items: Regulation/ Control, Social Interaction, Motivation, Information dissemination, and Emotional Expression.

Read the Functions/ Purposes of Communication under Discover part from Page 4 to Page 6.

To check what you have learned, answer Enrichment Activity on Pages 7 to 8. Examine the images used in the activity. 

Answer Gauge activity on Page 10. Answer the items with these choices: Regulation/ Control, Social Interaction, Motivation, Information dissemination, and Emotional Expression.

In this written work requirement, you need to examine an oral communication activity. Determine the purpose or function of communication used. Observe the way the speaker delivers his/ her message. Take note of the verbal and nonverbal cues. A worksheet will be provided where you will write your answer for this activity. You need to fill the speaker profile table and write a paragraph with five to seven sentences about your reaction of comments on the way the speaker did the communication activity.

Choose one only:

1.       President Rodrigo Duterte restating his pledge to fight corruption on the televised speech delivered last October 27, 2020.

2.       Rabiya Mateo telling her answer on the question about the chance of creating a new paper bill during the Miss Universe Philippines.

3.      Jack Ma’s stating his way to success.

The videos will be available on tablets and phones through sharing or transferring. If in case that there is no device available for you, the alternative is to watch a personality talking on a TV show. A rubric will be used to assess your paragraph. 

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