Oral Communication in Context Weekly Home Learning Plan Quarter 1 Week 2

Hello, learners. Here are your learning tasks for the second week of the first quarter under Oral Communication in Context. I have here a PDF version of the weekly home learning plan for this week. Access it here. Printed copies will be distributed next week. 

Before using your Self- Learning Module (SLM), check the quantity and quality of the material. Report if there are missing pages or there are unreadable parts.

Proceed to What I Need to Know on Page 1. The module is all about communication models. Read the objectives you need to attain or master.

Answer What I Know on Pages 2 and 3. Place your answers on a sheet of paper.

Turn your SLM to Page 4. Read the introductory paragraphs. Then, answer the activity on a piece of paper.

Read the story “The Glitch” by Divina Maming under What is New from Pages 6 and 7 and answer the following questions on a sheet of paper.

Read the different communication models under What is It from Page 8 to 13. Then answer Activities A to D under What’s More portion from Pages 14 to 16. Use papers in doing the activities.

Answer the questions under the What I Have Learned portion on Page 16. Do it on a piece of paper.

Do one (1) situation under What I Can Do portion written from Page 16 to 17 as your performance task. If you have a camera phone or any device to record, use it and tell your parents for them to pass your output successfully. If there is no gadget, document your task by writing a narrative on a piece of paper. 

Answer Assessment part from Pages 17 to 19. Do it on a piece of paper. 

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