My Reflection on the Enrollment Process for the New School Year

(This was originally posted on my Facebook account.)

Manning an enrollment process is not a piece of cake. For one and a half months, I facilitated the flow of the process. I was the one in charge with the information dissemination about how the parents and guardians can list their children. I am not a pro in designing infographics. Thanks to Canva, I was able to create materials to inform everyone how enrollment will be done.

I commend the class advisers and my colleagues in doing their tasks. We became call center agents just to ensure that no one will be left behind in the new normal in education. Even I am not a class adviser, I tried to talk to the parents to ask for their answers in the items left unanswered. I heard their sentiments and worries about the start of classes. Discussing the Learning Continuity Plan over the phone is an opportunity to give them hope and elucidate the learning process. I am happy when they are satisfied and enlightened regarding with their concerns.

For 45 days, my Messenger beeped a thousand times as data are relayed day and night. Seeing the numbers increase day by day gives me smile. Our plans our working. Teamwork makes everything easy. It is not only the faculty who are in the team. We have our partners who helped us in the enrollment and drop box kiosks. We would like to thank the barangay officials of Tondol-Caniogan, Imbo, and Namagbagan and the elementary teachers in the area for helping us in retrieving LESFs. Thank you for welcoming us in your halls and houses. Thank you for giving importance to education. This inspires to work hard for the future of the learners.

As an English subject teacher, I consider consolidation as the most complicated part of the process. There are times that I made wrong computations. Thanks to Excel for saving me from the pitfalls. But, wrong encoding of formula create a big mess. I encountered a big problem in the summation of all data. I added the wrong cells. It caused me panic. Call it exaggerated, but wrong results decrease my motivation--- making me feel helpless and demotivated. To balance everything, I removed the numbers and encode them again just to make sure the formulae are working. I was able to solve my problem. Because of this, I consider this as one of my proudest alternative work arrangement moments. The burning of brain cells and sleepless paid off. Allow me to celebrate this small victory.

As I analyzed the data, I realized how pandemic changed the lives of Filipinos drastically. I am sad seeing a number of parents who lost their jobs because of COVID-19. I wonder how they struggle just to survive the quarantine. We are bleeses that we live in the province. People feed themselves as food can be picked in the backyard or in the sea. How about those in the other parts of the country? I pray that all the families can withstand this time of uncertainties.

The data also revealed that many majority answered that they lack of available gadgets/equipment, insufficient data allowance, and unstable mobile internet. For the parents, DepEd has its LCP to make sure all can learn. It has other modular learning and other modalities such as TV to faciliate learning. Our faculty is doing its best to equip ourselves for the next school year. We are very eager to working with the parents and guardians to ensure that learning continues.

The results made me optimistic that we can work for the welfare of the Filipino learners. We have the culture of creativity, resourcefulness, and resilience to overcome or address predicaments.

The accomplishment is an achievement of our faculty. Thank you, Ma'am Jocelyn Dela Cruz for entrusting the task of facilitating the enrollment and the motivation as we take our roles. Thank you to the class advisers for the patience and enthusiam. Thank you to the non- class advisers for joing our campaign. Glory be to God. This does not stop us in our battle cry for quality, accessible, relevant, and liberating education.

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