Help Me in Teaching in the New Normal

Hello everyone!

I am Carl John Carolino, senior high school teacher and the owner of this site, Your Friend, Maestro. I made this blog to share my activities as a teacher like day- to- day teaching, seminar, and the like. I also put up this site to share my materials and my daily lesson logs to help my fellows teach subjects. I had ups and downs in maintaining this blog. Seeing it on the search engines is one of my happiest moments as a blogger. There was the time that it became stagnant for three months or more because of busyness. The most painful part for me is letting the first version of my site gone as I had problem on maintaining it using a content management system that I am not good at it. 

I sought courage to go back in the online world. I asked my IT friend to help me resurrect my site. Your Friend, Maestro is going one year on Blogger having its customized domain. Inasmuch as I want to write more here, I cannot do it daily as I am busy doing my school tasks. For the past months, I spent time maintaining our school's website and school's Facebook page. I grabbed the opportunity to join webinars particularly on educational technology. I did not regret joining those webinars as I enjoyed them as I did not to leave my house just to attend those kind of activities. I learned a lot and I am planning to integrate those in making my materials. Moreover, I faced ICT- related tasks for my school. I am the SHS ICT coordinator of our school. I focused on making our Learner Information System account in order. I need to fulfill my duties and responsibilities before anything else. 

The month of June is what I can say the busiest month in our way to new normal. I handled different committees and I am part of other committees for the Brigada Eskwela 2020. I am happy that our school is doing well in its implementation of its activities. 

Aside from Brigada Eskwela, I am facilitating the enrollment process of our school. Explaining to parents about the learning modalities is a challenging task. Many are worried that their children cannot go to school as they cannot provide high-end gadgets and cellphone loads of their children. Together with the class advisers, we talk to them via phone calls or texts about the other learning modalities. 

For the past weeks, I have been conceptualizing on how to cater my subjects especially that I am teaching language and humanities. I am thinking how I can teach Oral Communication in Context especially that the subjects really requires face- to- face interaction. As a teacher, I should be creative and resourceful. I am now doing my drafts of my lesson delivery. I have my phone tripod and I already ordered ring light to record my videos. I am introvert and shy in front of the camera. But, for my learners, I will do it. I have my YouTube channel to upload my video materials. The problem is how my learners will access the videos. I am thinking of using compact discs (CDs). 

I wrote this blog to please help me in this endeavor. I am asking for donations for me to buy CDs that can contain big video sizes. Not all my learners have laptops and spacious phones. Maybe they have TVs and CD players. With these, I can teach them even they are at home. I hope you can help me in teaching in the new normal. You can send a message to Your Friend, Maestro Facebook page. Rest assured that your donations will be posted on my page and I will be transparent about this matter. 

Thank you very much and God bless you!

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