DepEd releases update on RPMS

The Department of Education issued Memorandum 45, series 2020 last April 18, 2020 regarding with the guidelines on Results- Based Performance Management System (RPMS) in light of COVID- 19. 

DepEd decided to postpone the year- end review of the RPMS cycle because of the coronavirus pandemic. The department shall resume the activity once the authorities declare safety for all its employees. 

The memorandum has enclosures of RPMS- related measures for school- based personnel. Among the measures to be observed are the recalibration of the RPMS rubric and automatic rating of five (5) for the Quality and Efficiency for RPMS Objective 10 for teachers using the Proficient tool. In the infographic posted on DepEd Facebook page, the teachers are encouraged to explore the list of possible means of verifications (MOVs) for non- classroom observable RPMS Objectives and provide whichever are available at hand that they may still obtain acceptable results in Quality, Efficiency, and or Timeliness. On the other hand, non- teaching personnel shall confer with their rater for possible adjustments and recalibration of their performance targets. 

DepEd provided links for RPMS. 

All RPMS-related materials

IPCRF for Proficient and Highly Proficient Teachers

Updated RPMS Manual

Profiient and Highly Proficient RPMS Tools

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