Pain Can Make Me Strong | A Manuscript Speech

This speech was written and delivered by Sachi Caspe during The Speech 2019, a classroom- based competition under the subject Oral Communication in Context. 

To our School Principal, Dr. Esmenia Celeste, to our subject teacher Mr. Carl John Carolino , fellow students, ladies and gentlemen, good morning.

I just want to ask you, have you experienced to be left by someone you love the most? That someone who always there when you have a problem. It is hard to be left by someone you love and to be left by someone who is important to complete your life. If you will ask me, my answer is yes. I experienced that. I have an older sister and were just two. My sister is five years older than me. I was three months old when my mother left us because my father and my mother were always fighting. My father, a tricycle driver, is a tippler. He spend a lot of money in buying alcoholic drinks. My mother also has love of alcohol, but she is more active in terms of playing cards. Her gambling is her reason why she left us. She needs money to support her vice.

I grew up my grandmother stands as my comforter when I feel down. She is always there to give me pieces of advice. One day I asked her where my mom is. I was excited of what she would answer me but she does not know my mother’s location due to lack of communication. I am always asking myself why she left us without saying anything. Why she easily gave up? I thought that when a mother loves her children, she cannot abandon them. 

Every time I celebrate my birthday, I always wish that someday our family will back to the day that we used to: strong, happy, and complete. I celebrate my birthdays without my mom who can give me hug, kiss, and will greet me a happy birthday. I was grade seven that time when we found out that our mother has a new husband and they have a three siblings. I was angry to her because all I know she will come back for us, but no. She is happy with her new family. She already forgot us. Every time I cry, I always call her name but she does not come back.

My father went to abroad to forget and move on about their past. He worked hard for us to sustain our needs. He spent all his time in his work. His sacrifices paid off. When my older sister graduated in high school, my father put up a small house for us.

It was a month of April 2019 the day of our moving up ceremony in high school. I don’t have any idea who will come to join me on the stage to get my award. I was shocked. My eyes were like shining shimmering when I saw my mom smiling at me then she said that she would join me on the stage. I started crying because of joy. All of the anger I felt for her became like bubble--- it easily disappeared. When our moving up celebration was done, she congratulated me and said she would sleep in our house. The joy was short- lived as she came back to her family. I was sad anew. I went to the place that no one can disturb me. I was in pain that time I shouted all of the pain I felt.

The days passed by and the pain is still here. I said to myself that I am going to be strong because I know many people love me. Sometimes, I am insecure when I see other children who have complete family. But, I will use my experience as my inspiration. I said to myself that I will not abandon my children someday, because I know the feeling of being left by someone you love the most. Before I end, I just want to share my inspirational verse found in Romans 8:18, “the pain that you’ve been feeling can’t compare to the joy that is coming”.

Thank you and God bless us all.

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