A Victim of a Broken Family | Manuscript Speech

This speech was written and delivered by Charls Tacadena during The Speech 2019, a classroom- based competition under the subject Oral Communication in Context. 

To our Principal, Dr. Esmenia C. Celeste, to my Oral Communication in Context teacher, Sir Carl John Carolino, fellow students, ladies and gentlemen, good morning!

When I was a child I was so innocent in this world. I just play with my friends, laugh out loud, but, sometimes I just cry over simple things. My life was just simple that time. My routine in my childhood days was schooling, playing with my classmates and going home late as I spent my time playing and playing. My family was happy that time. My parents tried their very best for our family to have bonding time.

 In my vision as I child, I thought my family was okay. But, as the time went by I saw how my family started to be broken apart.  One day, I saw my mother and father arguing. Actually, I do not know what arguing is. I thought it was just a simple conversation. I thought that their shouting was just normal. That started the problem of our family.

I was elementary student that time and I had no knowledge about that issue. As I got mature, I understood what happened to our family. There are times I feel lonely every time I think why my family underwent the painful process. I know it’s hard to have a broken family, but we need to face the reality. My heart is still aching. My heart is longing. I am hoping that someday my family will be complete again.

As I grew up I learned a lot in this world. Little by little, I notice that in this world there is nothing permanent but change. Life is full of imperfections. So, I learned to accept our situation. I used my problem to strive. I learned to adapt by just go with the flow. I always think that this problem makes me a better person from sun up to sun down. Now, I am studying hard for my future.
Friends, if you have problem the same as mine, don’t be discourage. Don’t let your problem kills you. Do not forget to smile and do the right thing always. Just make your life colorful and always be positive because at the end you have the decision what you want to happen in your life. Always remember that “Every problem that you encounter in your life has a purpose”. Thank you very much.

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