Book Review Kiosk Style Activity

Hello friends!

Finally, I have the time to post activities that I implement in my subjects. For this post, I am going to tell you about our Book Review Kiosk Style Activity.

What is the activity all about? 

I was inspired by my experience in McDonald's Alaminos City, Pangasinan branch. There are kiosks which make ordering of food easier. I am fascinated on how the screen works. In just few touches, you can choose the meal you want from meals to drinks. It gives independence for a customer as well as convenience in transacting at the food chain. The features of the kiosks are the things I want to incorporate in my class. I want my learners independent in accessing information, and I want them to gather facts in just few touches on screen. 

What are the things needed for the activity?

In conducting the activity, I used six, blue PC/tablets. The device will give them the kiosk- like experience. I connected the devices to my prepaid WiFi modem. I searched a sample of book review. For them to easily relate to the activity, I opted a review of Bob Ong's book. It was published on Antworks Creative Blog.  I know my learners have idea about Bob Ong.

How the activity was implemented? 

The tablets were placed on tables situated in opposite directions. I instructed them to search about Bob Ong and definition of book review. Then, I gave them time to read and get information about the book review. After the instructions were given, the learners queued with notebook and pen in their hands. I allotted thirty- five minutes for the activity including writing. 

The learners had the "feels" of using kiosks. I saw how they analyzed information they got. One of the students warned his classmates to be cautious in getting information. It was amazing. However, we encountered problem on Internet connection. We need to go outside to access Internet. Nevertheless, my learners were able to relay information. 

Because of the activity, I saved bond paper. I also promoted reading on screen. Thanks, DepEd for the tablets. 

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