Life Being a K-Pop Fan | A Manuscript Speech

This speech was written and delivered by Yna Zapanta during The Speech 2019, a classroom- based competition under the subject Oral Communication in Context. She won second place among 68 learners. 

Good morning to all the students and teachers here in Tondol National High School. I am Yna Zapanta from grade 11 -GAS. Having this manuscript speech delivery is a great privilege for me. Experience being a K-Pop fan is the topic that I chose to speak about.

Hearing this “sarangul haetta uriga manna, yah!yah!yah!yah!oppa!, holgung-ul non tononde chanmonjechereom chanmonjechereom” is my own kind of my stress reliever, my happiness, and my ringtone. It’s quite funny but before of being avid fan, I am one of the haymakers of K-Pop. I tried to complain about their looks saying that they look like gays. Why are they putting make-ups on their faces? Why their fashion is not quite good? I asked my classmates this question: What is well-favored in idolizing K-Pop group?

Grade nine (9) when I confirmed to myself that, I’m officially a K-Pop fan. Out of curiosity, I taught myself to know about them and what are they doing. Suddenly all of my complaints were changed into complements now. K-Pop enlightened and has made my teenage life more enjoyable.  Having this kind of stuff help me to learn many new things.

As time passed by, I started to create social media accounts to follow and to be more updated on them. When I became a K-Pop fan, I also started collecting merchandises of my favorite groups. Watching their videos makes me happy, inspired, and more knowledgeable of their language. I am idolizing many K-Pop groups like EXO, Blackpink, Twice, Wanna One, Seventeen, CNBLUE, and my favorite K-Pop group and most popular in South Korea and in other countries--- the BTS.

Some people say that idolizing them is nothing to do in my life. But I told them a million times that K-Pop won’t totally take my life. It is just a hobby, and just an additional paint in my life. Now BTS is coming back, I am now ready for their spectacular comeback. Aja! Fighting. That’s all and thank you kamsahamnida seonsaennim, hagsaeng .God bless us.

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