I Grew Up in a Broken Family And Blessed For It | A Manuscript Speech

This speech was written and delivered by Kyla Mae Caole during The Speech 2019, a classroom- based competition under the subject Oral Communication in Context. 

To our beloved principal, Dr. Esmenia Celeste, to our subject teacher in Oral Communication, Mr. Carl John Carolino, classmates, fellow students of Tondol National High School, good morning.

This is a great privilege to deliver my speech in front to all of you. Family is the basic unit in society and it is traditionally consisting of two parents rearing their children. A home is where a family lives. The home is where we learn, laugh, and also the happiest place in the world because we are living together. However, family comes in different numbers. Broken family is a family that the children are involved when their parents get separated and decided to walk away. I can say that broken family can be described as broken home because children do not have both his/her parents at home and the children remain to their grandparents.

For me, being in the situation of broken family is such a challenge, a lesson, and a blessing to me. Why? I was just a kid, I was able to handle it. Yes, it is hard that I don’t have a complete family. I do not know what to say if someone asks me what the name of your father is and his whereabouts. I answer it with a smile and then told them that I don’t have any information about my father. I don’t know how I would look for him. I don’t know where he is. It is hard to grow without a father by my side. It is hard that you don’t have a father that would guide and protect you. Me, I was looking for my father’s love. I wish he was here.

You are lucky having a complete family. You don’t need to seek the attention of your family because they always make you feel that way every day. Keep them. For those who have broken families, I have five (5) guidelines to make your life better. Always remember and do it.

1. Always keep on smiling even the situation is bad.
2. Be brave in all aspects of your life.
3. Be strong in every problem that come on your way.
4. Don’t lose hope.
5. Trust our Lord Almighty!

You can do it. Just fight for it. Aja! That’s all and thank you!

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