Steps in Creating Your DepEd Email Account

Hello friends!

Last Wednesday, I got an email that I have been waiting for. Finally, I received the verification link to claim my DepEd email account. In just few minutes, (It can be done in few seconds if Internet connection does not buffer) I have claimed my email account.
Well, as an employee of the department, it is a must for a teacher like me to have this special edition of email account. Department of Education and Google through Gmail have partnership for this. DepEd email account is usually having your name in the email address and with Having this email account makes me feel that I am really part of the DepEd family. 

There is a necessity to having this account especially that the department has embraced technology in administering the education system of our country through the years. There are various reports that are needed to be submitted online. DepEd email account makes all the online submissions easier as the receiver apparently recognizes that the files are sent from reliable source. For ICT coordinators like me, the usage of this account will help me to do my tasks properly especially in doing LIS and on consolidation of needed data by any office (e.g. Schools Division Office) in the department. 

There is a sense of oneness in using this type of account and I want to encourage you to do the same. Here are the processes I have undertaken to create and claim my DepEd email account. (Note: Only permanent employees of DepEd can have this account). 

Search DepEd Email Account on the search browser or go to This will lead you in the home page showing the message of DepEd secretary on the left part. On the right part shows a blue rectangle containing the two buttons: I don’t have or (I forgot) my DepEd Email; and I have my DepEd email but forgot my Password. It says there: By clicking, I am conforming that I am bonafide employee of the Department of Education. Above the rectangle is the link that will bring you to FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).
Click I don’t have or (I forgot) my DepEd Email. It will bring you to a form needed to fill out.

Supply the following information:
Tax Identification Number (TIN)
First Name
Middle Name
Last Name
Suffix (Optional)
Birth Date
Personal Email
Phone Number
School (Optional)

Please supply functional personal email address and phone number.

After giving all the needed information, press Get My DepEd Email tab. There will pop up a dialog box to let you check misspelled/ wrongly encoded information.

You need to wait for weeks before receiving account details. If in case that there is no reply, do the process again. I had four attempts before claiming my account. Check your email regularly.

After receiving the verification link in your personal email, click the link and supply all the information that are needed. The information that you have supplied before are what you are going to put in the verification. There will be a dialog box that will let you review all the information you encoded before submitting. It will give you you’re DepEd email account and your password.

Log in to your new account with the given password. Then, change the password.

You can now use your new account to send mails and reports.

One of these benefits is having an unlimited Google Drive space. Yes, you read it right! We all want unlimited things: unlimited load, unlimited food and unlimited storage of files. We can store documents, spreadsheets, slide presentations and PDF files in Google Drive with no limits. Google Drive is one of the great offerings of Google Apps. I will write about the awesome features of Google Apps soon. 

As I have written above, DepEd email account promotes reliability and uniformity. There is a guarantee that emails and files are sent from people included in the department. And, this will help you sort business emails from personal emails.
I hope I have helped you a lot in this blog post. 

(This was first published in my defunct website.) 

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