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Your Friend, Maestro is a blog which I concocted as my way of helping and empowering fellows and to those who aspire and willing to touch learners’ lives. This site contains all the experiences I garner as a teacher. I have been teaching for more than two years. Even that this period is still short, there are various things I encountered that I think beneficial to share to the virtual world. This is where I record the victories I achieved, frustrations that almost disheartened me, and other stories that have helped me a lot not to quit the mission the Lord has given to me.

I am also writing here to share my ideas regarding what I know and what I feel about my job. There are various things that a public school teacher like me needs to address in the classroom, in the workplace, and in the community. I want to shed light in a way I can do. My voice maybe not as loud as the voice of notable people, but still matters. There are various questions that run in my brain and I want to answer it based on my comprehension. Perhaps, this place will be a great venue to give opinion and to enlighten me. Many thought that teachers are always omniscient. I am also human being with lots of flaws and my ears, mind and heart is always open for others’ ideas. I am looking forward to communicating with other bright human beings roaming in this world.

When I was young, I dreamed to become a journalist. I imagined myself holding a microphone, facing the camera with confidence and relaying information with utmost credibility. I did not forfeit that dream as I joined the student publication in the university where I studied. I had the opportunity to be the voice of students in every I article I wrote. Now, I miss those days and my fingers are still looking for pens and keyboards to relay news. To end the agony of my journalistic ego, I decided to use this blog as a site where latest Department of Education (DepEd) orders and memorandums are posted. My blog also shows the latest news in the profession, innovations and trends in the world of education, and other news related to teaching. I am hoping that I still have nose for news in my blog. (Note: I am going to post here topics about campus journalism.)

Furthermore, I will include grammar and literature lessons. I haven’t mentioned earlier that I am a licensed English teacher. I taught Business English, Literature subject courses and Grammar course subject courses in college in our locality before landing a job in a public high school teaching English subjects. So, expect that I will write about grammar and literature. Literary pieces of famous writers across the globe will be also included.  Weekly daily lesson logs that I created will be posted and can be downloaded for free. You may alter or augment activities that you think the lesson will be more interactive and substantial. There will be also tips on how to discuss lessons based on my own experiences. Experience is the best teacher and I believe in this adage. Let us learn things with our experiences.

As a teacher, I have the task to encourage everyone especially the students who are enrolled in education courses. I want to become someone whom the aspirants can rely on especially when they need ideas on the subjects they’re taking up. So, the blog will have posts regarding with education- the philosophies that are involved, concepts that are vital in understanding learners’ minds and behavior, and legalities concerned on the profession.

Taking up education course is not a piece of cake. The four years that I spent in college was not a bed of roses. It takes dedication, perseverance, and optimism to obtain a diploma. (It seems like I am delivering a graduation speech.) I had my sleepless nights and troubles in financial matters that made my graduation impossible to happen. I and my classmates seemed underwent battle of the fittest game as we started many in our freshmen year and ended up few in our commencement rites. I want to be a reliable friend that can help the student teachers in their reports, presentations, quizzes and tests. They can visit my blog as their source. I will try my best to put my notes during my college days. I will try my best to answer the queries you might ask.

Like what I stated above, finishing the course is not easy how much more passing the exam that will give someone the proof of being a professional teacher. All education graduates are expected to take up and pass the Licensure Examination for Teachers facilitated by Professional Regulatory Commission. We call this exam as ‘test of all the tests’ because this will be used as a tool to determine how far we learned from our course and how ready we are to take the responsibility to nurture a nation. In order for me to pass the LET, I enrolled in a review center and I bought various reviewers. Taking the exam is costly, but all will be paid off once you receive the license which is much-coveted for all test takers. In order to help the examiners, I will put tests and reviewers which I crafted. I cannot promise that I can put all tests for every subject. I am not good at Math. There will be also tips on how to be prepared for the exam and how to survive the toughest test of an education graduate.

My site has the following categories included in the navigation bar. These are the following:
  1. Maestro’s Moments- this contains the latest events that I attended, activities that I joined and day-by-day or weekly happenings in my career. This is where I document the things that I have done in my job. Expect lots of pictures and articles which are more personal.
  2. Maestro’s Materials- this category has the LET Materials, English lessons, tools such as rubrics and other materials that are viable in teaching and clerical matters. This also contains the topics that are studied in education courses.
  3. Mema Maestro- this part will show how witty I am in different issues a teacher faces. In the virtual world, surfers used the term “Mema” to say something. I will also incorporate my humorous and emotional side. I am also a human being with a heart. Expect lots of hugot lines and jokes that I and my students created. Classroom is a market place of ideas. There are lots of things I learn from my students.
  4. Memo and News- this will be the source of the memorandums, orders and other information given by DepEd and other government agencies that concerns on the field of teaching. This will be also a place for current news regarding with our field.
Together, let us explore the field of education. Let us help one another to edify the future of the world. I am your friend that will contribute to your success in your mission. Mga trops, walang iwanan. Enjoy your stay in my online home.

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